9月6日晚上19:30,七彩研究院与Metaverse Miner以主题《NFT+元宇宙+DeFi的星际游戏——Metaverse Miner是如何实现“Play to Earn”》在七彩研究院直播间进行干货分享。主持人:七彩研究院雪糕,分享嘉宾:coo Daniel。


以下内容由Metaverse Miner提供,七彩研究院整理发布。

七彩研究院雪糕:各位小伙伴们晚上好,我是今天直播间的主持人,感谢七彩研究院的各位小伙伴们能够准时和我们相约,今天我们很荣幸邀请Metaverse Miner COO:Daniel到做客七彩研究院,开展一场以“NFT+元宇宙+DeFi的星际游戏——Metaverse Miner是如何实现“Play to Earn””为主题的直播活动!本次AMA采取中英文对照模式,让我们进入今天的AMA主题活动。

Q1、七彩研究院主持人雪糕Metaverse(元宇宙)成为近期加密行业竞相追逐的热点。而Metaverse Miner是一款集合了NFT、元宇宙、DeFi玩法的GameFi游戏项目,并且开创了星际时代。可以为我们介绍一下这款游戏吗?

Q1、Caroline: Metaverse has become a hot spot in the crypto industry recently. And Metaverse Miner is a GameFi game project that integrates NFT, metaverse, and DeFi gameplay, and created the interstellar era. Can you tell us about this game?

A1:Metaverse Miner的游戏背景是在未来,元宇宙成为了现实,未来维持元宇宙的运行,星际联盟鼓励冒险家去探索星空,收集能量。它是一款元宇宙+NFT+DEFI 的游戏,玩家可以拍卖下星球NFT,去经营探索自己的星球,也可以购买大量的矿工NFT选择一颗星球探索,并通过挖矿收集“原始能量”。在"Metaverse Miner”的游戏世界中,只要你积极参与就可以不断赚钱,各种玩法组合,一边玩一边享受“睡后”收入。

A1:The game background of Metaverse Miner is that in the future, the metaverse becomes a reality, and the future maintains the operation of the metaverse. The Star Alliance encourages adventurers to explore the starry sky and collect energy. It is a meta-universe+NFT+DEFI game. Players can auction off planet NFTs to manage and explore their own planet, or purchase a large number of miner NFTs to choose a planet to explore, and collect "primitive energy" through mining. In the game world of "Metaverse Miner", as long as you actively participate in it, you can continue to make money. Combinations of various gameplays, enjoy the "after sleep" income while playing.

Q2、七彩研究院主持人雪糕: 依托游戏设定的庞大故事背景,Metaverse Miner设计了一系列兼顾趣味性与收益性的经济运作模型,可以给我们详细介绍一下游戏的玩法以及生态经济模型?

Q2、Caroline: Relying on the huge story background set by the game, Metaverse Miner has designed a series of economic operation models that take into account both fun and profitability. Can you give us a detailed introduction to the game play and ecological economic model?






A2:The game is actually fun and easy to use. There are 4 main ways to play

1. Take the planet NFT and become a star owner. In the game, the planet NFT is equivalent to a landlord who owns a large area of land. The landlord can enjoy most of the benefits of this land. But after you own the planet, you have to continue to operate and invite more people to your planet.

2. Buy the miner NFT blind box, smoke the miner NFT, and become a star champion. Miner NFT is a mining machine. You can mine on the planet with miner NFT. Mining income is very high. Miner NFT will also have 5 types, with different efficiency and consumption.

3. Lease a mining area on the planet and become a "second landlord". The star owner can list the mining area for lease. This is when you pay a 10$META deposit to rent it, and then you can participate in the sharing of a part of the income.

4. Becoming a collector, the design of Planet NFT is very shocking. In addition, there are many types of miner NFT, different shapes, and exquisite designs. The five major miner NFT companies will regularly launch new miner NFTs. These are definitely collectors’ hobbies.


Metaverse Miner项目生态体系由$META代币、星球NFT和矿工NFT三种资产为基石构建而成。

$META代币是Metaverse Miner生态的支付和权益代币,其最大供应量仅为2100万枚。所有的星球NFT拍卖,必须使用$META代币进行竞拍支付。同时,$META代币也将用于社区治理和生态价值捕获。

星球NFT是Metaverse Miner生态稀缺性极强的核心资产。星球NFT在特定的周期内可以产生一定数量的矿工NFT。而矿工NFT的挖矿行为,也必须与相应的星球NFT进行关联。星球NFT的持有者不仅可以通过矿工售卖获取收益,还可以获得矿工NFT持有者支付的一部分挖矿经营费用和挖矿产出分成。

矿工NFT是Metaverse Miner生态实现$META代币分发和价值捕获的主要途径。$META代币总量的70%都将有矿工NFT的质押挖矿进行释放。

Ecological Economic Model

The Metaverse Miner project ecosystem is built on the basis of three assets: $META token, planet NFT and miner NFT.

The $META token is the payment and equity token of the Metaverse Miner ecosystem, and its maximum supply is only 21 million. All planetary NFT auctions must use $META tokens for bidding and payment. At the same time, $META tokens will also be used for community governance and ecological value capture.

Planet NFT is an extremely scarce core asset of Metaverse Miner. Planetary NFT can generate a certain number of miner NFTs in a specific period. The mining behavior of the miner’s NFT must also be associated with the corresponding planet’s NFT. Holders of Planet NFT can not only obtain income through miner sales, but also obtain part of the mining operating expenses and mining output share paid by miners' NFT holders.

Miner NFT is the main way for Metaverse Miner ecosystem to realize $META token distribution and value capture. 70% of the total amount of $META tokens will be released by miners' NFT pledge mining.


Q3、Caroline: Actually, in the GameFi game field, many high-quality projects have appeared to attract a wide audience. What advantages does Miner have to break out of the game projects?

A3:1、Metaverse Miner是首个星际宇宙场景的Gamefi游戏,整个游戏背景恢弘磅礴。讲述的是未来世界里,元宇宙成为现实,为维持元宇宙的运行,星际联盟发布“元宇宙矿工”的任务,鼓励冒险家探索星球,收集能量。

2、Metaverse Miner将采用2D+3D的结合,让整个游戏布局更立体,游戏体验更真实。


A3:1. Metaverse Miner is the first Gamefi game in the interstellar universe. The background of the entire game is magnificent. It is about the future world where the meta universe becomes a reality. In order to maintain the operation of the meta universe, the Star Alliance released the mission of "meta universe miners" to encourage adventurers to explore the planet and collect energy.

2. Metaverse Miner will use the combination of 2D+3D to make the entire game layout more three-dimensional and the game experience more realistic.

3. The economic model is not only reasonable, but also very advantageous. It has a great effect on the price of tokens and the development of the game ecology. The deflation mechanism + the increasing liquidity mechanism + the selling penalty + the buying incentive mechanism will push prices upward continuously.


Q4、Caroline: What is the current development progress of the game, what is the user base, and when will it be officially launched?

A4:目前在进行$META的IDO白名单,用户们可以通过活动获得白名单,参加$META在9月10日的IDO。IDO结束之后将会进行星球拍卖,而游戏开发已经接近完成了,预计9月中下旬上线。Metaverse Miner在海内外都备受关注,有数万用户都在等待我们的星球拍卖开启和游戏上线。

A4:The IDO whitelist of $META is currently underway. Users can get the whitelist through the activity and participate in the IDO of $META on September 10th. After IDO ends, there will be a planetary auction, and the game development is almost complete, and it is expected to go online in mid-to-late September. Metaverse Miner has attracted much attention at home and abroad, and tens of thousands of users are waiting for our planet auction to start and the game to go online.


Q5、Caroline:As a GameFi game, what is the income of users entering the game and mining? How to ensure user benefits?




A5:As a star owner, you can enjoy the profit sharing of other people's mining on the planet, the sharing of the sale of the planet's blind box, the sharing of the NFT transaction of the miners on the planet, and the sharing of the energy consumed by other people's pledge when mining. The overall profit is huge and the rate of return is high. When the planet is full of miners’ NFTs, it can pay back costs and generate high returns in less than a week.

As Xingjue, pledge the miner's NFT mining and enjoy 95% of the mining income. On the one hand, as the price of $META rises, the rate of return continues to rise. On the other hand, the appreciation of the miner's NFT will also bring huge benefits.

Three mechanisms will be mentioned later, which play the most critical role in maintaining and increasing the value of $META. The total number of META is only 21 million, many of which are used for auctions, and 80% of the auctions are destroyed, so they are truly circulated. The number of META is actually very small.

Q6、七彩研究院主持人雪糕: Miner项目背景如此宏大,同期售卖两种NFT和一种代币,是否考虑过用户的投入资金问题,导致门槛过高影响用户基数,如何解决这个问题?

Q6、Caroline: The background of the Miner project is so ambitious. When two NFTs and one token are sold at the same time, have you considered the user's investment capital problem, which caused the threshold to be too high and affect the user base? How to solve this problem?



A6:The two kinds of NFTs are aimed at different users. The high price of Planet NFT and high long-term benefits mean that the main groups facing users have a large investment. The miner NFT faces a huge number of users, and the threshold is low. It only needs 2 META worth of USDT to open the miner NFT blind box.

As an ecological equity token, 70% of $META is generated through mining, so most of the META is derived from mining and then destroyed through multiple channels. In addition, if users want to invest in META, they can earn more META by staking META.

Q7、七彩研究院主持人雪糕: 玩家可以通过参与「元宇宙管理联合会」拍卖会获得星球NFT,这个拍卖会怎么参与,普通用户有资格参与吗?

Q7、Caroline: Players can obtain Planet NFT by participating in the "Meta Universe Management Federation" auction. How can I participate in this auction? Are ordinary users eligible to participate?

A7:拍卖将会在9月12日开启,所有持有META的用户都可以参加,首轮拍卖最高价将会不超过2125 $META,最低价不低于1500 $META。用户只需要提前准备$META放在在BSC钱包,登录官网后链接钱包,进入拍卖页面,在拍卖期间出价即可(只能出1次价)。

A7:The auction will start on September 12, and all users who hold META can participate. The highest price of the first round of auction will not exceed 2125 $META, and the lowest price will not be less than 1500 $META. Users only need to prepare $META in advance and put it in the BSC wallet, log in to the official website, link the wallet, enter the auction page, and bid during the auction (only one price can be offered).

Q8、七彩研究院主持人雪糕:META作为Metaverse Miner的代币,请给我们再讲下代币的经济模型,以及是如何赋能代币的?

Q8、Caroline: META is the token of Metaverse Miner. Please tell us about the economic model of the token and how to empower the token?






A8:As the project's ecological equity token, $META has a total of 21 million. The main distribution methods are as follows:

Mining: 14.7 million pieces (70%)

Private placement: 2.1 million pieces (10%)

Team: 2.1 million pieces (10%)

$META token pledge reward: 1.05 million pieces (5%)






Deflation mechanism

The $META token has a multi-dimensional burning and destruction mechanism. When the number of burns exceeds the new circulation of mining during the same period, the $META token will enter a deflationary cycle. Scenarios that trigger the destruction of $META tokens include:

1. Planet NFT auction: 80% of the $META tokens paid in the auction will be directly destroyed.

2. Miner NFT sale: 60% of the $USDT tokens obtained by the miner’s NFT sale for the first time will be directly purchased in the market and destroyed.

3. Miner NFT mining operating costs: 30% of the operating cost ($USDT) paid by the miner's NFT during pledge mining will be used to purchase $META tokens in the market and burn them.


Metaverse Miner生态发展过程中,$META代币的DEX流动性深度将通过以下环节,持续获得提升:


Liquidity Increasing Mechanism

During the ecological development of Metaverse Miner, the DEX liquidity depth of $META tokens will continue to be improved through the following links:

1. Of the proceeds from NFT sales by miners, 20% will be used to purchase $META tokens in DEX and add liquidity to the META-USDT trading pair.

2. 矿工NFT持有者参与挖矿所支付的维持“能量值”成本($USDT)中,也会抽取30%用于在DEX购买$META代币并添加META-USDT交易对流动性。

2. 30% of the cost ($USDT) paid by miner NFT holders to maintain the "energy value" for participating in mining will also be used to purchase $META tokens in DEX and add liquidity to the META-USDT trading pair.







Selling penalty + buying incentive mechanism

When $META token holders sell or transfer money, 10% of the transfer amount will be taken as a penalty. The fines are distributed according to the following mechanism:

1. 30% of the fine is directly burned and destroyed.

2.30% is used to buy $META tokens in the market and add liquidity for the META-USDT trading pair.

3.40% is used as an additional reward for users who bought $META tokens during the period (every 30 minutes).

In the entire $META model, not only the total amount is small, but it also has strong deflationary properties, and some links in the entire game scene also support the provision of token liquidity, forming a perfect continuous and upward channel.

Q9、七彩研究院主持人雪糕Metaverse Miner未来的规划是怎样的?

Q9、Caroline:What is the future plan of Metaverse Miner?


A9:In the future planning, on the one hand, the product will be iteratively updated, adding various forms of mining and new elements of the game, and improving the playability of the game. According to official information disclosure, game elements such as competitions, alliances, and battleships will be added in the future; On the other hand, the project party will also start ecological cooperation, build an ecological network with META as the core, continue to increase the application scenarios of META, and create cooperative relationships with other game projects and blockchain platforms.

七彩研究院主持人雪糕:好的,非常感谢Metaverse Miner COO:Daniel的精彩分享,为此我们也对Metaverse Miner有了全新的认识,接下来关于Metaverse Miner有任何疑惑的小伙伴可以在自由提问环节提出你的问题,嘉宾会随机挑选问题进行回复。


Q1:Can you briefly describe meta's investment portfolio and ecological partners?

A1:Metaverse Miner involves game development and overall planning, this part will be officially announced later.

Q2:Can you plunder another planet?So many people? How do you divide 200?

A2:We can't plunder other people's planets, but this is a good idea. We can participate in the game with Star masters and star lord . Star masters are scarce, but most players will still participate as star lord . The 200 planets are auctioned for the first time, and there will be new planets in the future.

Q3:How should META participate in IDO on September 10 as a user? What preparations do YOU need to make?

A3:Think it's very simple, it should be just doing some tasks.

Q4:Would the sell penalty mechanism affect the liquidity of NFT?

Q4:I don’t think it will. Every planet NFT is like a mining farm. If you have a Bitcoin mining farm, would you trade the mining farm frequently?

Q5:How to guarantee the security of our data and information?

A5:Our game is fully executed by smart contracts, you only need to link your wallet to participate in the game.

七彩研究院主持人雪糕:由于时间关系,本次AMA即将结束,后续有更多项目信息我们将继续在群内分享。感谢Metaverse Miner的嘉宾为七彩用户带来的精彩演讲今,也非常期待再次做客七彩社区。

本期活动由七彩研究院、Metaverse Miner联合主办。


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