IDOB (launched on time at 8 pm tonight) is the world's leading brand of blockchain games. It reshapes the game industry architecture with the concept of decentralization, and solves the current game industry through the three consensus solutions of Binance Chain player community, IDOB consensus and mining Monopoly by giants and accumulated abuses in channels to build a decentralized industrial structure with a win-win situation for all parties

Circulation 10 billion

Circulation pool: 8 billion (opening fund pool locked, lost permissions)

1 billion marketing funds (used to launch CG and major media in the later period)

1 billion pieces of chain games and mining

Belonging to the chain: Binance Chain

Contract address: 0x7b1F7Bb11AeCD3E71Ce77Ec946a7b7f7082C78D0

Go online on time at 8 p.m. on November 29, 2021

Deflation destroy mode! 5% tax point per transaction

No pre-sale! No private placement, uniform and fair launch

There are a lot of people who rush to open the market, and they will increase several times or even dozens of times. Don't be greedy, double the principal, put the profit in it, and then go to the trail after buying it!

  IDOB foreign golden dog project opened 5BNB plus pot, fair launch, pool lock, and loss of permissions. At present, more than 30 communities have participated in the admission. IDOB has increased the number of people and completed the thousand-fold plan within 1 month.

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